(41)  Photo of Bea Miller (far right) taken in 1919 in Dunreith,
Indiana.  This would be after Marion and Lillian Miller have
returned from California.
(42)  Photo of Bea Miller taken when
she was 17, at about the time she
was married to Herman T. Wilkinson.
(43)  Photos taken at the home of Herman and Ellen Jane Peden at either
Thanksgiving or Christmas, 1955.  I especially like the upper photo, where I see that
smile on Marions' face that keeps showing up through the years.
(44)  A photo taken, I believe, at the farm that Herman T. Wilkinson owned and
Harrold Miller tilled in Liberty Township, Henry County, Indiana.  The writing at the
bottom identifies Marion Miller (L), Herman Wilkinson, Harrold Miller and Jerry
Wilkinson, taken in Spring, 1948.
(45)  An undated photo
showing Bea Miller Wilkinson
and I believe that is June
Miller, Bea's brother Harrrold
Miller's wife at Herman and
Ellen Jane Peden's house, mid
(46)  A collection of the WWII ration documents held by Marion and Lillian Miller.    
This is the first time I have seen real versions of these documents that ordered the
lives of all Americans during the war.  The Wilkinson family had extra rations available,
especially of gasoline, because of Herman's owning a working farm.
(47)  A chain of mother to daughter spanning from Huldah Julian (1828 - 1907) to
Karen Peden King (1953 - 1998).  I am very interested in the concept of
mytochondrial DNA.  It is only passed from mother to daughter.
Jim Wilkinson