Miller Family Database
(1)  Hand written notes by Bea Miller Wilkinson recording information found in
'Grandmother Harrold's Bible'.  The date of the transcription is unknown.  This document is
important in part in establishing the birth date of Huldah Julian Healey.  
(2)  Hand written note from ' Aunt Nelle' (exact relation not known) to Bea Miller
Wilkinson, dated 22 September 1946.  This letter contains our only recollection of the
background of the Harrold family line so far.  Aunt Nelle speaks of the family as immigrating
from England, settling in Massachusetts, migrating to the Kanaway area of what is now West
Virginia and later on migrating through the Cumberland Gap to Indiana.
(3)  A letter from Mrs. George E. Broadway, undated, relating the family history of Joshua
Welborn, who married Phoebe Healey, the daughter of Hugh Healey.
(4)  Transcribed obituaries of Jesse Harrold (1841 – 1911) and his wife, Lucinda Harrold
(1842 – 1912) from the Muncie Star, Muncie, Indiana.  At the end of the transcription is a list
of births and deaths.  This list mentions Joel Harrold (1808 – 1877) who I assume was Jesse
Harrolds father.  Joel would likely have been born in West Virginia when it was still a part of
the state of Virginia.
(5)  A letter from Mrs. Art De Waard, dated 15 December 1966, giving information on the
Bundy branch of our family.  Our branch of the family descends from Samuel Bundy (1676 –
1740) and his first wife Tamer Symons.