Miller Family Genealogy Charts
Miller Chart 01
Miller Chart 02
First, A word about the charts.
To read the charts which are included with each Family section,
start at the left hand side.  This is the most recent time period.  As
you go towards the right on the chart you are going back in time.  
Each marriage is grouped in a "c" shaped bracket and any children
from this marriage (or partnership) will be a line extending out
from the left hand side.  As a convention, I put the male on top and
female below in the marriage bracket.  Children's lines extend out
to the left with the oldest child on top and then descending in order
of birth.  Some charts will have a married couple who are the focus
of the chart.  You will then see multiple children and grandchildren
to the left of the chart.  Otherwise the charts show a couple and the
child from which the immediate family is descended to the left.  
Other children of the couple will be ignored in this case.  The
charts in general are following the path of the DNA as it spirals
into the future generation after generation.

The following chart illustrates this.  All of my charts will follow
this general organization.