The Cloud Family
Beverly Kay Montgomery was born in 1937, the daughter of Wallace
Montgomery and Mary Louisa Cloud.  Shortly after this Wallace and
Mary were divorced and Beverly grew up as an only child.  Mary
Cloud eventually remarried, to Harrold Ratcliff who adopted Beverly
as Beverly Kay Ratcliff.  Many years later Beverly was contacted by
the later children of Wallace Montgomery and his second wife and a
reunion occurred.  It has been a wonderful experience to come to
know these relatives that we didnt know of in the past ten years.

Beverly's mother was one of three children of Wintford Hanford
Cloud (1884 – 1940) and Cladie Bell (1888 – 1962).  Wintford's
other two children were Joseph, born in 1908 and Christine, born in
1925.  Joseph married Mary love Jones and they had a daughter, Leda
Jane, in 1953.  Leda Jane married Rodney Kern and they had two
sons, Jonathan, born in 1979 and Robert, born in 1984.  Robert
married Ashley Burke in 2004 and currently serves in the United
States Army.  

While I was growing up a trip to New Castle always included a
lengthy visit to the Joseph Cloud farm in Cadiz.  Joseph was one of
those unique charactors that is hard to describe.  I remember fondly
sitting and listening to his many tall tales.  Mary Love cooked dinners
that I still remember.  As a young man Joseph served in the Army
during World War II under General Patton and saw action in many
battles after the Normandy landings.  

Wintford's youngest child, Christine, married Fred Carmichael.  They
had three children,  Frederick, Cynthia and Tommy Joe.  Fred
Carmichael also served in World War II and has participated in
writing a book about his experiences called 'F Company' which is
well worth reading.  

I am quite interested in the ancestors of the Cloud family.  We have in
our possession a medal from the late 19th century that belonged to
Wintford's father Joseph which identifies him as a member of the 'Red
Mans' Lodge' and gives a local chapter name.  I have included a scan
of this in this chapter.  There is speculation that the Clouds may have
Native American ancestry but at the moment there is no documentation
about this.  The surname 'Cloud' is also a well established name with
a long history in England.  Further research is needed.

Wintford's wife Cladie was the daughter of William Henry Bell and
Mary Luce.  I have memories from childhood of large family
gatherings with the 'Bell – Williams' clan in Mount Summit.  It is
funny what you remember.  I remember a table covered with pots of
Chicken and Noodle and a separate table literally covered with plates
of sliced tomatoes of every imaginable color.  There was some sort of
competition going on as to who had grown the tastiest tomato that year
and the judging was hard.  I have recently located new information on
the ancestors of William Henry Bell, including locating his grave at
the Sunderland Cemetary in Delaware County, Indiana.  James Luce
and Nancy Mcnairy Luce are also buried there.  Both James Luce and  
William Henry Bell appear to have died in the winter of 1889 Flu
epidemic.  I have traced the Bell and Luce families back to the mid
19th century in Coles County, Illinois.  The Luce family is well
documented.  I can  now trace the Bell family back to a man named
Pierce Bell who died in the 1870's in Coles County, Illinois.  Census
records show he originally came from North Carolina.  So many of the
family lines we have data on originate in North Carolina.  Mary Luce
led me on perhaps the most enjoyable research effort of this book.  
While Leda Jane Kern was sorting through things at the old farm after
Mary Love's death she came across a report written in 1956 by Edith
Voyles called 'Genealogy of the Luce Family'.  I have included this
report in its entirety in this chapter because of its meticulous detail.  
Through this report I have been able to trace our branch of the Luce
family back to a man named John Luce (1764 – 1823).  With this name
I have been able to establish a lineage that is well documented and
reliable that is quite impressive.  If you look at the charts attached to
this chapter you will find a Luce line that runs back through the Wines
family to the Mapes family and from the Mapes family there is a well
documented connection to English royalty.  This line actually
proceeds back into continental European royal lines, includes the
Merovingian royal line (anyone read the book 'The Da Vinci Code?)
and then proceeds back through early medieval history to the late era
of the Roman Empire.  Whew.  I didn't expect to find that.  This
lineage has a much better documentation than the one I have found for
the ancestors of Sarah Schenk (discussed in the chapter on the
ancestors of Angeline Hubbard) and seems to be taken seriously
among genealogists.  Beyond saying that the progression of
descendants is so long and varied it is hard to comment on it all.  In
the days just before my writing this I found another lineage
documented by a man named Leo Van de Pas which branches from the
one I have included in the attached charts at Lionel Welles (1406 –
1461) and proceeds back to to a man named Fergus Mor Mac Erca,
131st monarch of Ireland and King of Dalraida and eventually the first
sole monarch of the Scotland.  I  include the commentary of this
lineage at the end of this chapter  for you to read.   During a visit to
New Castle in June, 2009 I visited the Sunderland Cemetary.  I found
a sign afixed to the gate of the maintenance shed that listed Edith
Voyles as a Board of Trustee member.  The sign was relatively new
and had a telephone number.  Gosh, is this the author of the report or
perhaps a daughter?  A telephone call awaits.

Mary Luce's father was the Reverend James Luce (1833 - 1889) and
her mother was a woman named Nancy McNairy (1838 - 1931).    I
am working  on research that seems to identify our branch of the  
McNairy family as coming from  Guilford County, North Carolina.  If
I have the connections correct the Francis McNairy who was Nancy
McNairy Luce's father was the child of a James  McNairy of Guilford
County, North Carolina whose father was also Francis McNairy.  He
is documented to have married a woman named Mary Boyd in
Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1761 and later on to have settled in
Guilford County, North Carolina, where they had ten children.  The
oldest son, John, became a Judge in Tennessee and a close political
associate of President Andrew Jackson.  A younger son, James, seems
to be the James McNairy who is the father of Francis McNairy (1815
- ?) who is the father of Nancy McNairy who is the wife of James
Luce.  Interestingly, the home that the elder Francis McNairy built in
Guilford County, North Carolina has been preserved and restored by
the same museum which has also preserved and restored the home
built by another of our ancestors, John Haley, brother of Hugh

The Reverend James Luce's father was a man named Benjamin Luce
(1790 - ?) who married a woman named Nancy Ann Ohio Gerard
(1795 - ?).  The ancestors of the our branch of the Gerard family have
been traced back to a man named Piere Garard, born in 1652 in
Orleaux, France.  Piere immigrated to the American colonies and
settled in an area of central Virginia settled by many Huguenot
refugees from the persecutions then under way in Europe.  His
grandson was John Gerard (1720 – 1787) who is documented as
being born in New York state and later on traveling to Pennsylvania.  
He became a well known Baptist preacher who migrated with a group
of baptists to what is now Berkley County, West Virginia.   There is a
fair amount of documentation on the life and career of John Gerard.  I
have included some of that information in this chapter.  John's son
Abner (1759 – 1819) was the father of Nancy Ann Ohio Gerard, who
was given the name 'Ohio' to recognize  Abner's migration to this
frontier region in 1795.  There is quite a bit of documentation of
Abner and several of his brothers as they settled in Miami County,
Ohio.  I have included a selection of that information in this chapter as

Abner Gerard married a woman named Martha Patsy Lloyd (1765 –
1842).  The ancestors of our branch of the Lloyd family have been
traced back to a man named David Lloyd, born sometime in the late
17th century in Virginia.  Martha's mother was a woman named Judith
Pemberton.  The  lineage of Judith Pemberton is a hot topic currently
on various genealogical forums and at some point I will need to
engage in these discussions.  One branch of her ancestors  descends
from a man named George Xavier D'Rochelle of whom there is little
additional information.  He was possibly another Huguenot refugee.  
Another branch leads to a man named James Pemberton.  This James
Pemberton was either a land owner in Virginia or  wealthy sugar
plantation owner on the Caribbean island of Barbados.  Or possibly
he is one and the same.  There are many conflicting theories at the
moment and documentation which seems to support all the different
positions taken by various genealogists.  The Pemberton family has a
long and interesting background in England but more research is
needed to more clearly understand our relationship to the above
described James Pemberton.
Three generations of the
Clouds are seen in this photo
from 1954.  Beverly Kay
Ratcliff sits in her bedroom
while reflected in the mirror
is Cladie Cloud on the left,
taking a flash photograph and
Mary Louisa Cloud Ratcliff
on the right.  You get the
sense this is a special