At the time I was excited to get this information from Ada.  But
then she handed me a large tupperware container full of Jack's
Donuts. And I was even more excited.  I love Jack's Donuts.  I
can remember sitting in the car at 5:00 in the morning back when
. . . My dad, Jerry Wilkinson was allowed to slip in and get
donuts before the store opened.  I can still remember that smell
of fresh donuts and the feel of a warm box full.   Anyway, the
drive back Evansville took five hours and all the donuts were
gone by the time I pulled into the garage.
Luella Adams Wilkinson
Before we start into the information about the Pfenninger Family
I want to start with Luella Adams Wilkinson.  This seems like the
best place for her story.
Luella Adams married James Wilkinson and was the mother of
Hassel Mae Wilkinson, her youngest daughter, who married
Alfred Pfenninger in1912. James and Luella had two other
daughters together, the oldest being Mabel Wilkinson Mahoney
and the middle girl being Naomi Wilkinson Stewart.
Luella came from a farm family.  They were Quakers and lived to the east of New
Castle in the Mooreland area.  Her parents show up several times in the records of the
Flat Rock Meeting as being very active in church and community affairs.  I have been
doing research into the ancestors of Luella's family and have put what I have found
onto a genealogical chart.  At the moment the only image I have for this chart is one
which shows the descendants of James Wilkinson and his first wife Luella and his
second wife Minnie.  I will include this particular chart for now and later on do a more
detailed chart for Luella Adams and her ancestors.
Luella Adams Wilkinson and then Marie and Herman with Minnie Williams Wilkinson.  
You can click on the above image to see an enlarged version which can be saved in
the usual way and printed out.
A photograph of James Wilkinson's farm which was to the east of New Castle, Indiana
near East Brown Road and St Rd. 275 E. -I believe this is the farm that James and
Luella ran and where Hassel grew up.
Luella Adams Wilkinson's Obituary, 1902
One of the pieces of information contained in the scrap books I was given of the
Pfenninger Family history was the obituary for Luella.  I have transcribed this so that it
will searchable on the internet.  The Flat Rock Quaker Meeting mentioned was one of
the original meetings in the central Indiana area.  It was closed around 1915 and the
remaining members joined other meetings in the area.
Friday April 18, 1902

Luella (Adams) Wilkinson, daughter of Alvis and Asenath Adams, was born on
January 27, 1870 and died on April 1, 1902, Aged 32 years, 2 months and 5 days.  
Louella had a birthright in the Friends Church and was converted when quite young,
living a true Christian, not in name only, but in a living experience.  She was a loving
wife and mother, a true neighbor and a friend to all.

Being conscious that the time was near when she should bid adieu to this world she
called the family by her, admonishing them to be true to Christ and keep sacred the
family worship as they had in the past, advising the children to be good and live right;
and stating the regret in leaving her husband and children, knowing the lonely hours
they w ould pass through.  Yet she was very anxious to home to the place her saviour
had for her, and stepped over the river rejoicing.

Our sister was one of the leading members in the Flat Rock meeting, so willing to do
the Lord's will; not only was she concerned in the home department, but longed to
help send the Good News to foreign lands, saying she wished to be a fruit-bearing
branch, and assisted in sending the Gospel by helping to organize a Home Mission
Society in her neighborhood.  The Society will deeply feel their loss.  The membership
of Flat Rock Meeting will realize a great loss but their loss is her eternal gain.  Louella
Leaves a husband, three daughters, father, mother, three sisters, three brothers and
a host of relatives and loving friends to mourn their loss.

The sisters of the Missionary Society carried her to her last resting place, longing to
meet their sister in a better world.  Funeral services held at Mooreland by Rev. Susie
M. Magner; interment same place.

Ella has fallen asleep,
She is resting at last.
The pluse has grown still
and the fever is past.
She suffers no longer
In heart or in brain;
And pain that so racked her
shall not come again.
Farewell Ella; farewell mother;
All thy suffering now is over
It won't be long until we will meet thee
In that home to part no more

Louella Adams Wilkinson, wife of Jame, mother of Mabel Wilkinson Mahoney, Naomi
Wilkinson Stewart and Hassel Wilkinson Pfenninger.
I will post a more detailed history of Luella's ancestors when that bit of research is
farther along.  As you can see on the chart I have traced her ancestors back into
Europe.  The furthest back so far is a man named John Myldenhall, born in 1526 in
Jacob Pfenninger and Lena Schottlin Pfenninger and family on Mother's Day in 1917
Jim Wilkinson