As I have related before,  doing genealogical research is like doing
detective work.  There are always surprises, with the information
sometimes leading to places you don't expect.  The ancestors of
Angeline Hubbard are such a case.  This is a most interesting branch
of the family.

There is a lineage that I have run across on a number of different web
sites that joins our family lineage with Sarah Schenk (1720 – 1792),
who married Abraham Emans in Gravesend, New York.  Her family
line goes back to a succession of marriages that first center on
Amsterdam and Oland Island, Sweden and then back beyond that into
Danish, Swedish, Russian and Byzantine royalty.  The Wyckoff family
were grain traders on the Baltic with headquarters in both Amsterdam
and Sweden.  For several generations they were born in Sweden but
kept residences also in Amsterdam.  They were respected
international truders and married dutch wives who were from the
families of prosperous Dutch traders.  There is a historical
background to this.  These traders were a part of a move away from
an earlier commercial empire called the Hanseatic League which had
held a monopoly on the Baltic trade for many years.  Eventually this
monopoly was broken and individual families took over specific trade
routes.   Our ancestors were a part of this shift away from the
Hanseatic monopoly.  There is a great deal of disagreement about the
reliability of this lineage before aproximately 1450.  Some
commentators claim that the information (which I have included in this
book with a caution that it is somewhat suspect) preceding 1450 may
have been 'contrived' by a professional genealogist in the 1920's to
satisfy the desire of certain newly wealthy American families to be
able to claim connection back to European royalty.  I have no way to
judge this.  It is interesting enough for me that the information from
1450 onwards seems to be better documented and reliable.  That is
still 550 years of history.    

Other branches of our family going back from our ancestor, Sarah
Schenk include a number of families who can be traced back to a
relatively small area in northern France and Belgium which at one
time was controlled by the Spanish.  The families center in the cities
of Lille, Valenciennes and Antwerp.  All of these families migrated at
roughly the same time to Amsterdam, stay there for a period of time
and then immigrate to the Americas.  The timing of these moves leads
me to believe these families were all Hugonauts, protestants
practicing their faith in a predominantly Catholic region.  I have
included some background documentation on the hugonauts in this
chapter, although there also appear to be Hugonauts in other branches
of the family as well.  These would include Rene Julian, Piere Garard
and Francis Xavier D'Rochelle.

If we look back at the chart of Angeline Hubbard we next note a most
interesting line that begins with a  dutchman named Jan Janszen Van
Haarlem (1575 – 1641).  Here we are on firmer ground as far as a
reliable lineage goes.  This one is quite well documented by various
professionals and quite colorful.  Jan Janszen had a long and
adventurous life that has left numerous documents for us to refer to.  In
short, he left Holland and a young family and traveled to the
Mediteranean where he became over time engaged with the Sally
Corsairs, a loosely organized band of European and Arab pirates who
preyed on European shipping.  Jan Janszen eventually became the first
leader of a Pirate republic centered on the city of Sale, in Morocco
and served as the Admiral of the Sultan of Morocco's fleet.  After a
long and remarkable career he was appointed to the governorship of
the Castle of Maladia in Safi, Morocco where we loose touch with
him as an old man in 1641.  He is reported to have converted to Islam
and taken the name Murad Reis and married a muslim woman who
was either of Spanish Moorish aristocratic lineage (members of the
ruling families of the muslim kingdoms of mideval Spain) or a
daughter of the Sultan of Morocco.  It is also possible he married two
women after he abandoned his first wife and children in Holland, one
of Moorish descent who lived in Cartagena, Spain and later on a
concubine of the Sultan of Morrocco.  By one of these woman (if there
were two wives) he fathered two sons, the older of whom was named
Anthony Jansen van Salee.  Anthony emigrated to New Amsterdam
with a new wife (a fiesty bar maid from Amsterdam) very early on in
the history of european settlement of North America.  He came to New
Amsterdam as a muslim and there is no evidence that he ever
renounced that faith.  Once in New Amsterdam Anthony lead a
colorful life, often in dispute with the government and with his
neighbors for various reasons.  This is all in the earliest public
records of what is now New York City and I have included a
selection of these documents for you to review.  I also had a friend
who is a lawyer read through the documents and produce a summary
of Anthony's legal tangles.  You will find that later in this chapter.

Anthony fathered several children and our lineage runs through his
daughter Sara, who married a prominent local English settler with the
surname Emans.  The Emans family were fairly prominent land
owners in what is now the Bourough of Brooklyn in New York City.  
Three genrations later an Emans daughter married into the Hubbard
famiy.  This Hubbard line of the family can be traced back to a man
named Henry Hubbard who lived and died in England.  His grandson,  
James Hubbard, came to the colonies and is documented to be living
in Massachusetts in the 1640's.  He later moved to Gravesend, New
Amsterdam with a group of Anabaptist believers following a noble
woman from England named Lady Moody.  You will find a lengthy
article later in this chapter discussing the history of James Hubbard.  
The Hubbards migrated from the New York area two generations later
on and are documented to pass through Guilford County, North
Carolina and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania before settling in
Warren County, Ohio.  Warren County is adjacent to Hamilton County
of which Cincinatti is the main city.  Most branches of the family
settled in this general area in the early 1800's prior to migrating on to
the newly opened frontier lands in Henry County, Indiana.  Samuel
Wilkinson married Angeline Hubbard in the Cincinatti area and kept a
farm in Colerain Township, Hamilton County, Ohio until 1860, when
they followed several of Samuel's brothers to Henry County and
inexpensive farm land.

I have in my possession only a few photographs of Samuel and
Angeline.  In the photos Angeline shows the marks of a frontier wife
who bore 12 children and helped run a successful farm.  Hers was a
long and noteworthy life.  But looking at the elderly Angeline staring
out at us from these photos who could have guessed there were Pirate
kings and wealthy Swedish traders and possibly royalty lurking in her
ancestoral past.
The Hubbard Family
Oland Island &
Castle of Maladia
Barbary Xebec ship