Miller Family Photo Gallery - Page 1
The collection of photographs that have come down to my access from the Miller, Harrold,
and Healey Families is the largest I have.  And still there are gaps.   One group of photographs
that I know of is not included here.  At Ellen Jane Pedens' house there is a box containing
photo postcards from the time in California working on the LA water system.  I will barrow
that and generate a special chapter.
(1)  Tintype in decorative wooden box of Welborn
Healey when a young man.  I estimate this was taken
about 1845.  The Healey family was prominent in
Henry County, IN and this might be among the first
personal photographs taken in New Castle.
(2)  Linked tintype portraits in decorative wooden
clasped box of Welborn Healey and Huldah Julian,
probably taken to celebrate their marriage in 1847.
(3) Portrait of Welborn Healey taken in the 1860's
on which he has signed his name.  At this time
Welborn was the Land Assessor for Henry County
in addition to being a prosperous farmer.
(4)  A family portrait card that was in the
possession of Ema Ora Healey Harrold and
afterwards passed on to Bea Miller.  I have not done
the research but it seems we are looking for a
Healey relation with aproximately 14 children.  I
would estimate this is from the 1880's or 1890's.
(5)  A  portrait taken circa 1900 of Martin L. Bundy
and his wife.  Bundy was one of the most prominent
citizens in New Castle at the time.
(6)  A collection of photographs that came down to
Bea Miller from her grandmother, Ema Ora Healey
Harrold.  The darker toned tintype photo top row,
middle is of Huldah Julian in later years.  The other
people are unknown to me.
(7)  Portrait photo of Huldah Julian taken in the
1880's, after the tragic umbrella accident took the
life of her husband, Welborn Healey.
(8)  Portrait of Jesse Harold taken around 1900.  
Jesse married Lucinda Hayes and farmed for many
years in the area of Henry County, Indiana between
Dunreith and Spiceland.  He was born in 1841 and
died in 1911.  His son, John, married Ema Ora
Healey and they had a daughter, Lillian Harold.
(9)  A portrait of the sons and daughters of Joel
Harold (1811 -  ? ).  Joel was born in Virginia and
migrated to Indiana in the 1830's.  This photo was
taken at New Castle sometime in the 1890's.