Miller Family Photo Gallery - Page 3
(20)  On of a series of photos from roughly the same
era that came down to us from the Miller Family.  I
do not have any addtional information about who
these people are or what relation they are to us.  I
like the hats, though.
(21)  A collection of photos from the same group as
photo #(20).  In this group I recognize Hanora
Bunger and her second husband, Jim Jones, in the
photo in upper row, middle.  The swatch of red hair
comes from an unknown ancestor.  Red hair has run
through the family for many generations.
(22)  Portrait taken circa 1900 of Hanora Bunger
Miller Jones (middle) and her two sisters.  I have no
addtional information on the sisters at this time.
(23)  A photo post card, never sent, that is labeled
on the back as being taken in Cromwell, Indiana.  
This small town in Noble County, Indiana is close
by to Lake Wawasee and figures in our family
history for many decades.
(24)  Hanora Bunger Miller Jones with her twin
sons, Marion (L) and Myron (R).  Date unknow but
the brothers look to be around 20 years old so that
would be around 1908.
(25)  A portrait of "Grandma Jones" taken sometime
in the 1930's.  Hanora Bunger Miller Jones lived an
interesting and varied life and face many crises.  
She managed, however, to keep standing through it
(26)  Two photos from a group that show channel
dredging in process at the turn of the 20th century.  I
believe the young man in these photos is Marion
Miller as a teenager.  I am researching the
background of this.  Jim Jones, Marions' step father
seems to have been involved in channel dredging at
Lake Wawasee and later on I believe he was hired
to do similar work in Los Angeles, California
during the establishment of the water system there.  
Marion Miller and his new family and his brother
Clarence and his family were a part of this effort
(27)  I couldn't resist.  Is that Marion Miller in the
middle?  II believe this to be a photo of a floating
"kitchen barge" that accompanied the channel
dredging operations.  Managed by Hanora?
(28)  Hanora in a kitchen preparing a meal.  Marion
Miller as a teenager sits on the left.  The person on
the right may be Myron.  This is one of my all time
favorite family photos.
(29)  Jim Jones with wife Hanora Bunger Miller
Jones at a Fair or Circus.  In every photo I have of
Jim Jones he has a cigar.  I am collecting tales of
Jim Jones right now.  He was a well known hotel
proprietor on Lake Wawasee for a time.  The family
connection to the Lake probably goes back to him.  
Photo taken in 1899, location unknown.
(30)  Jim Jones sits in the second row with hat,
chomping on cigar.  Hanora Bunger Miller Jones
stands behind him holding a bouquet of flowers.  I
believe I see Bea Miller Wilkinson and her brother
in the front row, right, with her arm around him.  
This would be a photo taken in California of Jim
and his dredging crew at a celebration.