Cloud Family Photo Gallery - Page 1
(1)  Ribbon belonging to Thomas Joseph Cloud
(1859 - 1941) from the "Improved Order of Red
Men".  For many years this was mistaken for a sign
of Native American ancestry.  In reality the Red
Men Society was almost exclusively a white mans
social club not unlike  many other such clubs.  I am
still researching the Native American ancestry story
that runs in the family.  I believe it to be valid but
coming from an older branch of the family other than
the Clouds.
(2)  Four Generations of the Cloud Family.  This
photo was taken probably sometime around 1939.  
From the left:  Mary Louisa Cloud Montgomery
(although by this time she was divorced from
Wallace Montgomery), Thomas Joseph Cloud,
Beverly Kay Ratcliff as a child, and Wintford
H.Cloud.  Wintford died of a blood clot from a
construction accident in 1940 and Thomas Joseph
died a year later in 1941.
(3)  I am told this is a childhood photograpph of
Cladie Cloud.  I cannot confirm that.  The dress
style of the adult in the picture seems turn of the
century or late 1890's.
(4)  Formal portrait of Mary Luce Bell Williams
(1865 - 1937).  She was born in Coles County,
Illinois and then moved to Delaware County,
Indiana with her family in the 1880's.  She married
William Henry Bell and had three children but then
lost her first husband in 1889, along with her father,
in the Winter Flu epidemic of that year.  She later
remarried to Caleb T. Williams and had 7 more
children who became known as the Bell-Williams
(5)  This photo is important but frustrating in that I
cannot identify anyone in it except for Mary Luce
Bell Williams, second from left.  I am trying to put a
date on this one because I am very interested in
establishing an identity for the older woman
standing int he background on the far right.  I believe
it may be Nancy McNairy Luce (1838 - 1931), wife
of Rev. James Luce.  Part of my interest involves the
ongoing search for possible Native American (and
via verbal history from Christine Cloud Carmichael,
Cherokee heritage) ancestry.  Note the facial
features on both Mary Luce Bell Williams and the
woman on the right.  If I am right in seeing the high
cheek bones and prominent nose that is a common
facial feature of some Native Americans, then that
background would not be coming from the Cloud
line of the family but from the line going backwards
through Cladie Luce Cloud, her mother, Nancy
McNairy Luce and her mother Mary Price.  The
McNairy and Price lines originate in North Carolina
in the 18th century.  This would point to a possible
intermarriage into Cherokee heritage during this
earlier time and not during the "Trail of Tears"
period of the 1830's.
(6)  Cladie Bell Cloud sometime in the late 1930's.  
Bev Wilkinson relates that this is a classic look for
Cladie.  She spent her days in a dress with an apron
on as she did chores around the house.  Later, after
Wintford H. Cloud, her husband died she had to take
work outside the house and worked at the Brooks
Ketchup factory nearby to support the family.
(7)  An earlier formal portrait of Cladie Luce Cloud.
(8)  This picture and the one directly below it are a
pair taken at the same family gathering sometime in
1937. On the left is Otto Palmer who is holding his
granddaughter Linda Palmer.  On the right is
Wintford H. Cloud holding his first granddaughter,
Beverly Kay Montgomery Ratcliff.
(9)  In this photo we see on the left, Cladie Luce
Cloud holding her first granddaughter, Beverly Kay
Montgomery Ratcliff and on the right Ethel Palmer
holding her granddaughter Linda Palmer.
(10)  A Bell-Williams family reunion, probably at a
park in Munice, late 1930's.  I had Bev Wilkinson
write down the names of the people she could
recognize on a copy of the photo.  I have included
her notations on this picture.  She made those in
(11)  Another Bell-Williams family reunion photo.  
Not sure if it is the same year as #10 above.
(12)  When possible I like to get firsthand remarks
on photos like this.  This is a photo taken in the late
1950's of the three Bell sisters.  I had Bev
Wilkinson write out comments (shown below).