(1)  This is Angeline Hubbard Wilkinson with some of her children and their families.  
James is on the far right.  I can't identify any of the other people yet.  Anyone who can
pin a name to a face is welcome to try. The timing of this would be 1906 or 1907, with
her death being in 1907.  Surrounded by love, you might say.
(2)  This is a scan of a Polaroid photo taken by Herman Wilkinson in 1967,  The
expanatory typewritten labels are also his.  I do not know who has the original of this
photo.  Or who the other two adult women are.  I imagine they are relations by
marriage to Angeline's children.
(3)  Angeline Hubbard Wilkinson's
obituary.  These death notices
are a great source of information
the helps to build a notion of who
our ancestors were beyond their
basic birth, death and marriage
(4)  For the younger generation, do you remember a movie with Harrison Ford called
"Bladerunner"?  There is a scene which I love where he takes a photograph and has  
a computer enhance and enlarge sections.  He is able to pull an image out of a
reflection off a mirror of a glass which shows a woman in a bathtub.

I am putting this in the "Hubbard" section because I think these photos probably are  
of the extended Wilkinson family that lived all around James Wilkinson and his family.  
I would love to find out more about how this extended family interacted.

In the 1905 photograph above, which I believe was taken in part because Minnie was
pregnant with Herman, there are photographs on the pump organ top.  I have  
enlarged these.  The top one seems to show a large group portrait in front of a white
wood frame farm house.  A Wilkinson Family reunion?

The second photograph shows a large group in front of a large building with very  
large windows.  A church?  A local school?  From Herman Wilkinson's recollections I
know he and James Wilkinson's other children went to school in a small one room
school house fairly close to the farm.  Anyone recognize the windows?

In the third enlargement I see some baby photos and what looks to be a photo of
Bertha Williams Cook.  The large photo in front shows an adult woman with a child
admiring a large globe.  Anyone have the originals of these?

And who played the accordian?  James?  I know Minnie played the pump organ.     
We still have her organ stool.
This map, shown in the Wilkinson section of this website,  
shows the extent of land holdings east of New Castle, Indiana
of the families that are inter-related in 1873.  This would be the
time when Angelina Hubbard Wilkinson is raising her family.  
One  of her brothers is in the area.  Angelina and her husband
Samuel are buried in the Batson Cemetary.
Herman Wilkinson standing next to Samuel and Angeline Wilkinson's gravestone in
Batson Cemetary.  On one side of the marker Samuel's name is written and
Angelina's name is written on the opposite side..  I have on occasion found flowers at
the grave.  I know other descendants of Samuel and Angelina know where the grave
is and continue to remember them, even over 100 years later.
Jim Wilkinson