Hubbard Family Photo Gallery - Page 1
(1)  This is Angeline Hubbard Wilkinson with some
of her children and their families.  James is on the
far right.  I can't identify any of the other people yet.  
Anyone who can pin a name to a face is welcome to
try. The timing of this would be 1906 or 1907, with
her death being in 1907.  Surrounded by love, you
might say.
(2)  This is a scan of a Polaroid photo taken by
Herman Wilkinson in 1967,  The expanatory
typewritten labels are also his.  I do not know who
has the original of this photo.  Or who the other two
adult women are.  I imagine they are relations by
marriage to Angeline's children.
(3)  Angeline Hubbard Wilkinson's obituary.  These
death notices are a great source of information the
helps to build a notion of who our ancestors were
beyond their basic birth, death and marriage
(4)  For the younger generation, do you
remember a movie with Harrison Ford called
"Bladerunner"?  There is a scene which I love
where he takes a photograph and has a
computer enhance and enlarge sections.  He is
able to pull an image out of a reflection off a
mirror of a glass which shows a woman in a

I am putting this in the "Hubbard" section
because I think these photos probably are of the
extended Wilkinson family that lived all around
James Wilkinson and his family.  I would love
to find out more about how this extended family

In the 1905 photograph above, which I believe
was taken in part because Minnie was pregnant
with Herman, there are photographs on the
pump organ top.  I have enlarged these.  The
top one seems to show a large group portrait in
front of a white wood frame farm house.  A
Wilkinson Family reunion?

The second photograph shows a large group in
front of a large building with very large
windows.  A church?  A local school?  From
Herman Wilkinson's recollections I know he
and James Wilkinson's other children went to
school in a small one room school house fairly
close to the farm.  Anyone recognize the

In the third enlargement I see some baby photos
and what looks to be a photo of Bertha
Williams Cook.  The large photo in front
shows an adult woman with a child admiring a
large globe.  Anyone have the originals of

And who played the accordian?  James?  I
know Minnie played the pump organ.  We still
have her organ stool.