August 2, 2009.

Stupid me.  I insisted on bolting the struts of the geodesic greenhouse
together starting from the top down.  Don't try that at home, kids.  Start
from the bottom.  Eventually the struts all connected and the geometries
"self corrected" as the on line guideshad all assured us would happen.  
We have determined that the flattened ends should be two inches.  When
the six strut connection points were assembled we saw a perfect circle
described by the inner ends of the flattened areas.  It was cool.
The "Bambino 01" has been erected temporarily at another site.  
The next step in the process is to work on the covering.  This is
being planned as a greenhouse so the material will probably be
some form of plastic or woven polyvinyl.
The first test of the depth of the flattened ends.  This was done
before we created the angled bend at the ends of the struts.  The
six struts are bolted together with a 3/8th inch threaded bolt with
hex head, two washers and a 3/8th inch nut.