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Wilkinson Family Photo Gallery - Page 4
(34)  Easter Sunday in Wabash, Indiana, 1963.  
There is a companion photo that I cannot find at the
moment that shows a very pregnant Bev looking not
very comfortable in her Sunday best.  That would be
Bruce coming along.
(35)  Photo of the family boat on Lake Wawasee.  
The name of the boat was "BBJ" for "Bea, Bev and
Jane".  In the back are family friends Jack Bibler
and his son, Mark.  In front is Jerry Wilkinson
driving and his son Jim.  Picture taken in 1967.
(36)  1968 at Lake Wawasee.  The fish being
displayed is called a "Dogfish".  We always had a
baited hook in the water with a bobber and waited
for the sound of a "hit".  "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".
(37)  Newspaper clipping From Jamestown in 1967
showing Jerry Wilkinson with a group from the
Toastmasters Club.  Jerry was also involved with
the Jaycees in Jamestown.
(38)  Herman Wilkinson's retirement party.  He
worked his entire adult life at Chrysler in New
Castle in the Tool and Die Shop.  In 1940 his served
a term as UAW local President.  This would be in
(39)  Grandchildren of Herman Wilkinson taken the
day of his funeral in November, 1975.  Back row
from left:  Greg Wilkinson, Jim Wilkinson, John
Peden.  Front row from Left, Paul King, Karens
Husband; Karen Peden King and Bruce Wilkinson.
(40)  Family portrait taken using Greg's new camera
at Christmas time, 1981.  Jim has just come back
from his first trip to India and was in his Thesis year
at the CAP, Ball State University and Greg and
Bruce were both at Perdue University.  I just noticed
all the boys are sporting facial hair that year.  
(41)  Jim Wilkinson on Chowringhee Street in
central Calcutta, July 1981.  The orange sign on the
upper floor of the building behind him is the
advertisement for the Gospel Meetigns Jim was
helping to hold at a nearby University auditorium.  
Later this day He helped volunteers check dumpsters
for abandoned babies.  Pretty intense stuff for a kid
from the midwest.
(42)  Jim Wilkinson in the Kremlin, Moscow,
Soviet Union in 1989.  An interesting trip.  The
Soviet Union was in rapid collapse at this point and
Jim saw the April 19th Massacre at Tblisi, Georgia
and had several chances to interact with local
independence organizers in Georgia and Estonia.  
(43)  Scans of the obituaries for Jerry Wilkinson in
September, 2009:  There are other photos that I
would like to put up here.  What I have put up so far
is what I have at hand.  I would like to include more
photos from the Peden family, The Armstrong family
and other descendants of the Wilkinson line.  So
what is here is a start but by no means the end of this