Wilkinson Family Photo Gallery - Page 1
(1)  The only photo currently available of Samuel
Wilkinson (1833 - 1896).  This is a scan of polaroid
photo taken by Herman T. Wilkinson while
researching the Wilkinson Family in 1967 of an
original photo.  The current location of the original
photo is unknown.
(2)  A reconstructed scan of an
original photo of Samel Wilkinson's
farm, taken in the 1880's.  The farm is
located just off of Browning Road to
the east of New Castle.
(3)  During a trip to New Castle in 2009 I visited
the land that was Samuel Wilkinson's farm.  I found
the barn still estant on the property to be the original
barn Samuel constructed in the 1860's.  The farm
house remained intact until it was destroyed by fire
in 1993.  The photos document the hand hewn frame
structure of the barn.  The Wilkinsons were know as
good barn raisers.  There is a history of wood
working that goes back beyong the time of
documentation and includes coopery (barrel
making).  There are still a variety of wooden storage
barrels and boxes in possession of various family
(4)  James Wilkinson at age 21, taken in 1886,  This
is a scan of a polaroid photo taken of an original
photo.  The original later surfaced among Herman
Wilkinsons' effects after his death.  
(5)  Photo of James Wilkinson's
farm, located somewhere off of
Browning Road east of New Castle,
Indiana.  The exact location and
whether any of these buildings still
exist is unknown.
(6)  James Wilkinson circa 1900.  Taken just before
his "time of troubles" begins.  In 1902 his first wife
dies of an unspecified illness.  Minnie Williams is
brought into the house as a housekeeper to take care
of the children during Luella's illness.  Eighteen
months after Luella's death James and Minnie are
married.  Two children come from that union, Marie
and Herman.  James and Minnie are divorced at
some point in the early 1920's.  It is a messy
(7)  A family portrait taken in 1905.  James and
Minnie are in the foreground.  Marie sits on
Minnie's lap.  The girls in the background are
Naomi and Hassel.  The dog on Minnie's lap is
named Guy.  I believe that the photo may have been
arranged to celebrate Minnie's pregnancy with
(8)  A family reunion photo, perhaps from 1906 or
1907.  In the center sits Angeline Hubbard
Wilkinson, wife of Samuel Wilkinson.    James
Wilkinson stands at the back on the extreme right.  I
cannot identify any of the other people.  From what
is written on the back I assume Herman and Marie
are present.  Angeline died in 1907.
(9)  James Wilkinson wrote this on the back of the
above photo.  His pain is clearly expressed at the
events that led to his divorce from Minnie Williams
(10)  Herman T. Wilkinson baby picture, taken in
(11)  Marie Wilkinson (L) and Herman Wilkinson
(R), taken circa 1907.