(9)  A selection of information from the website for White Oak
Christian Church, located in Colerain Township, Hamilton
County, Ohio.  This congregation was a central feature of the
various lines of the Wilkinson, Barnes, Hubbard, Isgrigg,
Tattersall and related families living in the area.  Many
branches of the family have been affiliated with the
"Restoration Movement" churches (Christian, Disciples of
Christ andChurches of Christ) since the 1830's.
The names of early members included: Poole, Banning, Epley, Compton, Ammerman,
Barnes, Campbell, Hubbard, Pouder, Tattersall, Wilkinson, Winters,
Birdcell, Simpkins and Stout.  
These families were actively involved in the
development and growth of the Colerain Township area as they built farms,
roads and businesses.  Many of these names are still prominent in the White
Oak/Colerain area today.

During this time, the congregation was served by “restoration visiting ministers”
including  Thomas Campbell who visited in 1851 and 1852.  Records show that the
first Sunday School picnic was held in 1875 and that church membership was at 260
in 1876.  In 1887, land was once again donated to the church, this time back on Blue
Rock Road at our present location.

In the early 1900’s the church drew people from all over the area for large revival
meetings, picnics, and get-togethers of the churches in Colerain and Crosby
Townships.  In 1924 a fire destroyed the church building and many feared this would
mean the end of White Oak Christian Church.  But the community rallied around them
in support.  Following is a  touching account as told by Mrs. Willard Mohorter at the
January 1927 dedication of the building that replaced the one that burned down:
That same day, representatives of the Junior Order came to us with an invitation to
use their hall as our place of worship until we could plan for the future.  Sunday
morning, sad and discouraged, we set out for the hall on Colerain Pike, but
discouragement gave place to determination to rebuild when we found the hall filled
with folks who felt that the absence of the familiar church house on Blue Rock Pike
would mean a very real loss to them.  Friends sprang up from everywhere.  The
whole community had a part in building this house.  It was your gifts and your
encouragement that stirred in us the faith that has erected this house of worship
which under God shall prove a blessing to this community. As the congregation
continued to grow, new meeting space continued to be added.  A new sanctuary was
dedicated in October 1959.  A new educational wing was completed in November
1972.   With worship attendance over 600, a second worship service was added in
March 1975.  Continual growth and the desire to make room for more led to the
construction of the current worship center that seats over 800.  This new building
was dedicated in March 1992.  Attendance is still climbing and in 2005 has averaged
more than 1200 worshipers each weekend.

From its beginnings 175 years ago to the congregation that meets today, White Oak
Christian Church has existed for the purpose of proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and
Savior, and has looked only to the Word of God as its guide.  The following statement
recorded back in 1848 still rings true for us today and is a testimony to the fact that
while bodies and buildings change over the years, living out our faith in the one and
only Lord God is timeless:

…the Church at White Oak met upon the fifteenth day of August 1848 and
covenanted with God, and with each other, that they would take the word of God
alone for their rule of faith and practice, and would be Christians and nothing else
beside, but would be for God and for no other, and with the Apostle Paul, and with all
the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, would know nothing but Jesus Christ and him
crucified, and would advance his interests in none other.

May those who come behind us find us as faithful.

White Oak Christian Church was organized August 15, 1848, by Revs. Joseph
Trowbridge and B. U. Watkins. The first officers were William Pool, William Conger,
Samuel J. Ponder, and Garrett Vanarsdale, elders, and
Daniel Barnes and Dawson
, deacons. The present pastor is Rev. J. AI. Land. The present church was
dedicated n December, 1887, and occupies the site of a similar structure erected
shortly after the organization.

taken from:   http://wocc.cc/aboutus.php?pId=35
(10)  A short entry about the Hubbard Family found in an online excerpt from a
history of Colerain Township, Hamilton County, Ohio.  Date and place of original
publication unknown.
Thomas HUBBARD, Sr., was born in North Carolina in 1780. He came from that State
to Ohio, and settled in Colerain in 1807. His death took place May 25, 1852, at the
same place. His wife, Elizabeth HUBBARD died also at their home in Colerain, June
27, 1868. She was born in 1790 The twenty-one children are: William and Charles,
now in Missouri; Laura BOLTON, Aurelia CARNAHAN, Maria KELLOGG and Margaret
WILKINSON of Indiana, Susan TATERSALL, Sarah HAT and Matilda KELLY of Illinois,
and Ann HUBBARD and Thomas HUBBARD, Jr., of Colerain. Those who have died,
are Thomas dying August, 1815; Samuel, July, 1822; Cynthia, July, 1834; Wesley,
June, 1837; Hannah, April, 1847; Mary, August, 1852; Elizabeth, 1869; Eleanor, 1865,
and Dawson, July, 1868.
(11)  This forum message focuses on the Runyon Family of Hamilton County, Ohio
and Henry County, Indiana but intersects with the Wilkinson story directly.  Carol Vass
points to a large "clan" of families which became interelated by marriage who
migrated to Henry County and settled in a geographically concentrated area to the
east of New Castle starting in the 1840's.  I would add to this story the Mullens
Family, the Milliken Family and the Livesey Family.  I am still researching the full
extent of the interconnections between these families.  Carol Vass makes the point
that the center point of this clan may have been the Barnes Family.

Re: Catherine Caty Isgrigg m. Abraham Barnes
Posted by: carol vass (ID *****7698)
Date: December 09, 2003 at 16:34:11
In Reply to: Re: Catherine Caty Isgrigg m. Abraham Barnes by Richard Brunt
of 57

Dear Richard:
Thanks for the info. I'm a genealogy junkie, so any and all info is most welcome. I had
the names of the the Noah Runyan/Anna Barnes children from the 1850 & 1870
census, but there is one discrepancy from your information -- and I may
have made a bad presumption. Below, find a short register report on Runyan/Barnes
family. This is the sum total of what I know about them. Any
further blanks you can fill in would be greatly appreciated or if you can shed light on
the son Martin or William. I most particularly appreciate the names of the wives for
the Runyan sons. I always like to be able to complete the records so that I can share
with other descendants who cross my path. Perhaps the WILKINSON and GOUDY
names in here also intersect with some other Henry Co, IN families you research. Let
me know if anything here is incorrect. Carol

First Generation
1. Noah RUNYAN. Born ca 1805 in NJ. Noah died in Henry Co, IN, aft 1880; he was
75. Ca 1829 when Noah was 24, he married Anna BARNES, daughter of Abraham
BARNES (1770/72-by 17 Nov 1817) & Catherine ISGRIGG (ca 1776-aft 1850) [1], in
Hamilton Co, OH. Born ca 1812 in Hamilton Co, OH. Anna died in Henry Co, IN, aft

NOTES for Anna Barnes:
Transcription: page 363: The State of Ohio, Hamilton County Set, At a Court of
Common Please held at Cincinnati in and for said County of Hamilton on Monday the
seventeenth day of November, Anno Domini, One thousand eight hundred and
seventeen. Before the Honorable Joseph C. Crane, Esquire, President Judge &
Othaiel Looker, Samel Silver, and James Clark, Esquire, Associate Judges. Court
grant letters of administration to Daniel Isgrigg on estate of Abraham Barnes dec.
d bond in $200, Security Michael Isgrigg & John Barnes, court appoint Henry Lore,
James Jones & Samuel Bell, appraisers, the widow's relinquishment of her rights to
administre being filed, letters issued.

Apr 1819 Catherine Barnes appt. guard. Daniel Barnes 18(=b. 1801), Stephen Barnes
15 (=b. 1804), Michael Barnes 12 (=b. 1807) , Martin Barnes 10 (=b. 1809), Cartmer
Barnes 8 (b. 1811), Anna Barnes 7 (=b. 1812), Jackson Barnes
5 (=b. 1814), Harrison Barnes 2 (=b. 1817), children of Abraham Barnes decd. Bond
$100 each. sec. Joel T. Wilkinson & Michael Isgrigg. Source: "Abstracts of Book 1 &
Book A Probate Record, 1791-1826 Hamilton Co,OH"
published by Hamilton County Chapter, Ohio Gen. Society, 1977

1820 US Census for Colerain Twps, Hamilton Co, OH [10 of 11 ancestry.com images]
Line 26 William Sparks males:3 under 10, 3 in 10-16, 3 in 16-26, 1 in
45+; females: 5 under 10, 1 in 10-16, 1 in 16-26, 1 in 45+**

**Catherine (Isgrigg) Barnes married William Sparks/Sparkson in 1820. Anna Barnes
was probably living with her mother in 1820. The William Sparks family is shown on
the same census page as Caty's sons Michael and John Barnes, and her daughters
Hannah Barnes/Joel Wilkerson and Rachel Barnes/Murwine Wilkerson.

Anna Barnes married Noah Runyan ca 1829/30, in Hamilton Co, OH. Can't locate this
couple on either 1830 or 1840 census, nor can we find their marriage record.
Marriage date estimated from birth of first child.

    Runyan, Noah
    State: Ohio Year: 1850 County: Hamilton
    Roll: M432_686 Township: Colerain Twp Page: 367 Image: 249 [64 of 79]
    486/486 Noah Runyan 45 M Blacksmith NJ [b. ca 1805]
    Anna " 38 F OH [b. ca 1812]
    Abraham " 20 M Cooper OH [b. ca 1830]
    Mikel " 18 M OH [b. ca 1832]
    James " 14 M OH [b. ca 1836]
    Sarah " 15 F OH [b. ca 1837]
    Catherine " 10 F OH [b. ca 1840]
    Jasper " 8 M OH [b. ca 1842]
    Caroline " 5 F OH [b. ca 1845]

Proximity of Anna Barnes/Noah Runyan to other BARNES families in 1850 Coleraine
Twp, Hamilton County, Ohio:
    Joel Wilkinson/Hannah Barnes Page 356 household 306
    John Barnes/Ary Goudy Page 360 household 372
    Harrison Barnes/Acenth Page 365 household 451
    Michael Barnes/Sarah Page 354 household 452
    Murwine Wilkinson/Rachel Barnes Page 365 household 459
    Noah Runyan/Anna Barnes Page 367 household 486
    Martin Barnes/Susan Page 367 household 490
    Steven Barnes/Henrietta Page 367 household 504
    Daniel Barnes/Irene Page 370 household 533
[Sarah Barnes/James Goudy had presumably moved to Henry Co, IN by 1850.
Andrew J. Barnes was deceased by 1847, and Cartmel Barnes can't be
located on 1850 census, but is also presumed deceased by 1850. With these three
exceptions, all of the remaining children of Abraham Barnes/Catherine Isgrigg were
living in fairly close proxmity in 1850. Anna Barnes/Noah Runyon are smack in the
middle of this extended family. It is then interesting to compare the proximity of
Abraham Runyan, [eldest son of Anna Barnes/Noah Runyan] to other descendants of
Abraham Barnes/Catherine Isgrigg on the 1870 Henry Co, Indiana census. See his
section for proximity to his WILKINSON and GOUDY cousins.]

1870 Indiana HENRY LIBERTY TWP Series: M593   Roll: 323   Page: 193  
    195/202 Runyan, Noah 67 M W Black Smithing $200 New Jersey
    [b. ca 1803]
    " , Annie 56 F W Keeping House Ohio [b. ca 1814]
    " , Jasper 26 M W Farm Hand Ohio [b. ca 1844]
    " , Martin 17 M W Farm Hand Indiana [b. ca 1853]
    " , Caroline 21 F W House Keeping Indiana [b. ca 1845]
1880 Census Place Dudley, Henry, Indiana
    Family History Library Film   1254284 NA Film Number  T9-0284 Page Number   
    Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's
    Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
    Noah RUNION   Self   M    Male   W    77   NJ  Blacksmith   NJ   NJ
    Anna RUNION   Wife   M  Female   W    68   OH  Keeping House  KY   PA
    Martin RUNION  Son   S  Male   W    27   IN   Keeping Tollgate  NJ   OH  

    Noah Runyan and Anna Barnes had the following children:
    2       i.       Abraham (ca1829-)
    3       ii.       Michael (ca1832-)
    4       iii.       James (ca1836-)
    5       iv.       Sarah (ca1837-)
    6       v.       Catherine (ca1840-)
    7       vi.       Jasper (ca1842-)
    8       vii.       Caroline (ca1845-)
    9       viii.       Martin (ca1853-)

Second Generation
Family of Noah RUNYAN (1) & Anna BARNES
2. Abraham RUNYAN (Noah1). Born ca 1829 in Hamilton Co, OH, Abraham died 1899
in Henry Co, IN. [2] Abraham first married Anna M. (Unknown) RUNYAN. Born ca
1835 in PA. Abraham second married Rebecca Dinkins. [2]

NOTES for Abraham Runyan:
On 1870 Henry Co, IN census, Abraham Runyan, age 40, household 2, son of Noah
Runyan/Anna Barnes is living immediately next door to Joel Wilkinson, age 42,
household 3, son of Murwine Wilkinson/Rachel Barnes. Next door to Joel was
Samuel Wilkinson, age 37, household 4, son of Joel Wilkinson/Hannah Barnes. Next
door to Samuel was, James Goudy, 41, household 5, son of James Goudy/Sarah
Barnes. On the next census page, in household 7, was Daniel G. Wilkinson, son of
Joel Wilkinson/Hannah Barnes. Immediately next to him in household 10, was
Alenson Wilkinson, age 56, another son of Joel Wilkinson/Hannah Barnes. All of
these men were first cousins and descendants of Abraham Barnes/Catherine Isgrigg.

1870 Indiana HENRY   HENRY TWP  Series: M593   Roll: 323   Page: 125
    2/2 Abraham Runyan 40 M W Day Laborer OH [b. ca 1830]
    Anna M. " 31 F W Keeping House PA [b. ca 1839]
    Joseph Wester " 13 M W farm hand IN [b. ca 1857]
    Alice A. " 11 M W at home IN [b. ca 1859]
    Mary " 10 F W at home IN [b. ca 1860]
    Emma J. 7 F W at home IN [b. ca 1863]
    David " 5 M W at home IN [b. ca 1865]
    Sarah F. " 3 F W at home IN [b. ca 1867]
    Ellen " 2 F W at home IN [b. ca 1868]
    Catherine " 1 F W at home IN [b. ca 1869]

1880 Census Place New Castle, Henry, Indiana Family History Library Film   1254284
NA Film Number   T9-0284 Page Number   156A
    Abraham RUNYAN   Self   M   Male   W   51   OH   Painter   OH   OH
    Rebecca RUNYAN   Wife   M   Female   W   28   NC   Keeping House   NC   NC
    George B. RUNYAN   Son   S   Male   W   4   IN      OH   NC
    Lizzie M. RUNYAN   Dau   S   Female   W   2   IN      OH   NC
    [From Richard Brunt < rbrunt1@aol.com >: 1. Abraham b. 1829 Hamilton Co.,
    OH d. 1899 Henry Co., IN m. E. Kissel and second Rebecca Dinkins. He was a
    Cooper and Carriage Decorator and was in service Co. G. 84th IN Volunteers
    and was a musician in the army. ]

    Abraham Runyan and Anna M. Unknown had the following children:
    i.       Joseph Wester (ca1857-)
    ii.       Alice A. (ca1859-)
    iii.       Mary (ca1860-)
    iv.       Emma J. (ca1863-)
    v.       David (ca1865-)
    vi.       Sarah F. (ca1867-)
    vii.       Ellen (ca1868-)
    viii.       Catherine (ca1869-)

3. Michael RUNYAN (Noah1). Born 3 Dec 1831[2] in Hamilton Co, OH. Michael died
25 Nov 1900 in Spiceland, Henry Co, IN. [2] Michael married Frances WHITELEY [2] .
Born 20 Jan 1838 in Maryland. Died 22 May 1802 in IN. [2]

NOTES for Michael Runyan:
1870 Indiana HENRY SPICELAND TWP Series: M593   Roll: 323   Page: 243    
    Runyan, Michael 38 M W Cooper 300 200 OH [b. ca. 1832]
    “ , Frances 32 F W house keeper MD [b. ca 1838]
    “ , Robert 14 M W IN [b. ca 1856]
    “ , William 10 M W IN [b. ca 1860]
    “ , Milton 40 M W Cooper OH [b. ca 1830]

    Michael Runyan and Frances Whiteley had the following children:
      i.       Robert (ca1856-)
 ii.       William (ca1860-)

4. James RUNYAN (Noah1). Born 29 April 1836 in Hamilton Co, OH. James died 20
Dec 1893 in Newcastle, Henry Co, IN. [2] James married Susan Kissel. [2]

5. Sarah RUNYAN (Noah1). Born ca 1837 in Hamilton Co, OH. [2]

6. Catherine RUNYAN (Noah1). Born ca 1840 in Hamilton Co, OH. [2]

7. Jasper RUNYAN (Noah1). Born ca 1842 in Hamilton Co, OH.[2] Died in Henry Co,

8. Caroline RUNYAN (Noah1). Born ca 1845 in Hamilton Co, OH.[2] Caroline married
Unknown Wright. [2]

9. Martin RUNYAN (Noah1). Born ca 1853 in Henry Co, IN.
[Carol's NOTE: Richard Brunt does not have this man as a son, however he does
show a son named William. I haven't found Noah Runyan/Anna Barnes on 1860
census. I have presumed Martin a son based on the 1870 census. Richard Brunt says
the son William moved to Texas after the Civil War, while Martin is still living in Noah
Runyan/Anna Barnes household on 1870 and 1880 census. MORE RESEARCH>


1. Weber, Yvonne J. G., The Isgrig/Isgrigg Family History, Gateway Press, Inc,
Baltimore, MD, 1992.
2. Richard Brunt, < rbrunt1@aol.com >, December 2003 correspondence re Noah
Runyan/Anna Barnes.

Carol Glass Vass
14610 SE 266th St
Kent, WA 98042-8110
email: SVass@aol.com
(12)  This pair of maps shows the growth of the clan of families originating in
Hamilton County, Ohio who migrated to Henry County, Indiana.  The upper Plat Map
below shows the earliest land purchases in the county as of about 1845.  Two
Wilkinson brothers have arrived and two Mullens brothers have bought land adjacent
to that of the Wilkinsons.  The Mullen are related through the marriage of Joel T.
Wilkinson's eldest daughter, xxxxxx to Thomas Mullens.  The Plat Map on the right
shows the extent of land owned by the related families at the time of the publication
of a County Atlas for Henry County in 1873.  I am still researching this.  I believe
there are other relationships by marriage in this area at this time that I am still
missing.  All of these families attended the local Christian Church congregation and
are mostly buried at Batson Cemetary.
About Us: The White Oak Story
Our origins go back to 1830 – and probably even before – as a group of “Christians
only” who met in a log cabin close to the present site of White Oak Christian Church.  
By 1848, the congregation numbered over 160, and moved to a donated half acre on
Van Zandt Road (now West Galbraith) where a new building was constructed.
Grave stone of Deacon
Dawson Hubbard at the
White Oak Christian
Church Cemetary in
Colerain Township in
Hamilton County, Ohio.
Jim Wilkinson