Photographs !
Think of this as a dusty cardboard box on the top shelf of the closet in that extra bedroom that
never gets used.  One of the things I can't say enough is to hunt out the dusty cardboard boxes and
make sure they are safe.  We remember our loved ones who have passed on the best sometimes
with our photographs.  To see an enlarged higher resolution image of the photos click on the
thumbnail.  To download right click your mouse and do the "save as" or "save image".
These are some of the photos that came to me in
the scrap books.  This will be an ongoing project.
On the left is a photo of Lena Schottlin (or Schoettlin)
taken when she was about 20 years old (1883).  On
the right is an old photo with the label "Schoettlin".  I
don't know anything more about who the identity of
these people.  I do notice, however, that the woman
sitting on the left looks a lot like Lena.  Is that her
Jacob and Lena Pfenninger and their family on
Mothers Day, 1917.  A good picture of Alfred and
Another family photo with Jacob and Lena and some
of their children.  Everyone looks a few years older in
this one.  I wonder if this was taken after WWI when
the boys were home from military service . . . .

I would like to track down the original of this one.  
This is a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy.
Hassel Wilkinson 8th Grade Gradulation photo.  On
the back of this one is the name of my grandfather,
Herman T. Wilkinson, Hassel's baby brother.  This
photo would have been taken about the year 1909.
Alfred and Hassel Pfenninger with Byron, Elmer,
Walter, Lena and Alvis.  The youngest boy would be
Byron, born in 1919.  So this photo might be from 1920
or so.
Elmer Pfenninger (1912 - 1944)

Elmer was killed in action during WWII.  There is
additional information in the DATA Section of this site.
Alfred and Hassel Pfenninger and family, 1950.
The five children of James Wilkinson, 1949.
From the scrap book.  "Cousins 1954" and "Yet
another picnic, 1957".
The rest of the photographs in the scrap book Ada Marcum handed me are
from the period of about 1960 to the present.  There are lots of different
opinions out there about posting recent photos on websites.  I would like to
post these more recent photos and keep  collecting new ones but I want to get
some feedback about what to do from the Pfenningers . . . . Any thoughts?