(18)  A letter from James W. Rounds, dated 18 April 1967 to Bea Miller Wilkinson.
The letter asks a series of questions on the background of Jesse Healey and has
Bea's answers written in pen.
(19)  A letter from Hanes Inman with information copied out of the Hayes Family Bible
by Evelyn Hayes Joplin, dated 12 September 1958.  An extensive collection of data
takes our knowledge of the Hayes line of the family back to Henry Hayes, with dated
material beginning with Hartwell  Hayes (1787 – 1859).  
(20)  Transcribed obituaries of Isaac Julian and Elizabeth Julian, taken from the
'Richmond Radical' of Richmond, Indiana.
Obituary of Isaac Julian
Isaac Julian died at the residence of Welborn Healey in Franklin Township in Henry
County, Indiana on October 25th, 1872.  Isaac Julian was 69 years and eleven days
old. Isaac Julian was born in North Carolina on October 12th, 1804 and moved to
Indiana about the year 1832 and settled in Prarie Township where he resided until
about two years ago when he removed to Franklin Township.  He had been a
consistent member of the Christian Church for twenty five years.  He converted under
the ministry of Father Elijah Martindale.  He had been afflicted for several years
before his death and at times he was a great suffer (sic), but he bore his suffering
with christian patience and when he knew that death was near said that he was ready
and anxious to go and be at rest.  His companion preceded him in death two years
and five months, blessed are the dead that die in the lord.

Obituary of Elizabeth Julian
Died at Mt. Summitt, Indiana May 20th 1870,  Elizabeth Julian, age 64 years, six
months and 10 days.  Elizabeth Julian was born in North Carolina and had lived in this
Township with her husband, Isaac Julian for 39 years.  She has been a consistent
member of the Christian Church for 23 years, having been immersed by Elijah
Martindale in the early years of his ministry.  She died as she had lived, a true and
faithful christian.  In her days of health her hand was ever ready for good works
among the sick and needy.  She lived to bring up a family of 9 children all of whom are
living, except a son who fell in defense of his country and three of whom are members
of the Chrishian Church.

From the “Richmond Radical”
(21)  Transcribed Last Will and Testament of Jesse Hargrave Healey, dated 12
March 1856.  
(22)  Information passed to Bea Miller Wilkinson in the early 1950's on the Julian
family line. Author is Elmer Julian.
(23)  A series of hand drawn charts by Elmer Julian documenting the Julian family
line that accompanied the previous letter.  The first page is unfortunately cropped
but this provided me information I needed to solve the issue of which Julian brother
our ancestor Isaac Julian (1804 – 1872) was the son of and our relationship to Rene
(24)  Handwritten note with directions to the grave of Jesse Healey and undated
photograph of the gravestone.
Jesse Hargrave Healey

BIRTH  17 Sep 1795
Guilford County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH 25 Feb 1856 (aged 60)
Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana, USA

BURIAL  Evans Cemetery  Henry County,
Indiana, USA
MEMORIAL ID  24742693 ·

Jim Wilkinson