(7)  A forum entry from an obscure Internet forum written by a descendant of Jan
Janszen Van Haarlam which is quite strange but interesting.  I include this entry
because it touches on the conversion of Jan Janszen to Islam and speculation that
Anthony Van Salee may have been the first practicing Muslim immigrant to the
American colonies.  The article is also in part a hip/alternative New York kind of thing
that should be considered in context, but its fun to be able to attach to a serious
genealogy site.
As far as between Sally Ann and Freemasonry.
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"Come, let us make a Hell of our own, and try how long we can bear it".

As far as between Sally Ann and Freemasonry.

The Moorish People Von Saali are proud to have recognized the
Government of the United States in 1777 as the first in the World.
Formal U.S. relations with a Pirate Nation the Republic of Fes are
dating from long before the first settlements even were established in
America.  You Must remember that we Sally Rovers controlled the seven
sea long before the Americans even had a fleet or their own free lands,
It were Sacred Moors who have given the green light for the creation of
the state for the defenders of freedoms...

The Mason symbols in Washington indicate a strong link between the
forgotten Fassi Republic and the American founding Fathers...  but the
truth remains hidden in some dark files since the real Tjianian Mystic
Sheriffs van Zalee, who were forced to leave their seats to Cow Boys in
the Far west.

Treaty of Friendship is the oldest friendship treaty of the United
States. The Moorish-American Treaty of Friendship has been in effect
since 1783. The American signatories were John Adams and Thomas

I am Proud it was my Gran'daddy of my Mothers side, who sold the first
property outside  the USA to americans ... The first property Americans
got out side their new born Nation is located in Tangiers... Sold to
USA, by the Moorish Idrissi Nobleman L'Iddery (My Mothers Granddaddy),
the First Ambassade of the USA in the world.

Pre-History Moorish
And than one day Blackbeard did not return from sea... The Pirate King
was killed at sea they told, and old friendship was forgotten between
old brothers who smoked from the sebsi (Peace Pipe)...  King Charles II
Stuart Von England came ones to visit my Gran'da'dy at the sacred mount
the Sarsar, near the new Moorish Capital city Wazzane of the
unsubmitted (Berbers) called so, by the Alaouite Regime and their
Masters. Mystic Wazzane was build after that Saali was fallen in the
Hands of the Current Druze Alaouit invaders, the destroyers of the
Moorish Heritage, belonging to the Republic of Fes and its sacred
people of light.

And when my Saint Gran'da'dy asked to the child of Bram Lionhart, King
Charles II, after they had smoked the Sebsi, what brought Him this
time. King Charles replied by claiming up nothing less than the
Baraka... The Baraka that ruled the world... When the Children of my
Gran'da'dy heard this... they would have killed King Charles II, who
dared to claim up that was given to us by God himself...  but Gran'dady
called his children to order and silence... and Handed over the Ring of
Sol-Iman that ruled the world ... and than since, our real Moorstory
was for the thirde time in our realstory slowly transformed to a
Piratestory. This was the thirde time, since the times of Noah, that
our History was complet destroyed. And than afterwards we were called
wild berber tribes, who fight each other, and live somewhere in the
Mountains, Till to date. After 400 years of bondage, nobody anymore
remembers "his moorstory"...

We where left without security for life or property while our sacred
logs looted or destroyed by Abide Armies under the Command of the
Bloodthirsty Alaouit Ismael, The so called Moroccan Roi Soleil (Sun
King- Fake Jesus), proclaimed by himself and by his slaves of
Senegal(Ancient Mandika Kingdom) To Sultan of the Meccanes, he that
came from the desert as a serpent, controlled now one of the Most
Sacred City, in the Moorish world, with the help of the Rats
ofcourse(Converted Jews). And this when others were simply looking
after the Ring of Power.  The bloodthirsty Desert Viper started to
dream to become the supreme ruler of the Sacred Moorish Lands and of
our cheriffian faith... Why the children of My Gran'da'dy would have
killed King Charles, because of him the gates of Evil were released on
the remnants of what was three times in history of mankind a great
Moorish Empire, were the Sun Never went down... but Gran'da'dy knew the
Future and the dangers. Why he saved so the Birth of the Promised
Pirate Sun, that shall come one day and recieve the seven Baraka's
after his birth with the Star of the Macabaha...

Pre-History USA
Anthony's Van Zaali patent was known as "Turk's Plantation," from his
being designed as "Turk" on some of the old records... (While in
reality we Saali Rovers were the worst dream of the Turks, they feared
us, and we destroyed them ... They never got in our Sacred lands... So
remember always good that the Saali Rovers fought the enemy's of God,
French-Turkey-Spain. So the Von Saali Warriors or the Von Oran Warriors
have always fought against the three Stooges and their changing
collations... .

None have succeeded in obtaining a foothold among the Berbers of Wazzan
and steal us the Baraka of the One Eyed Pirate Captain (Eenoog). Thus
the Fassi Berbers, of all the North African kingdoms, has always
maintained its independence, and in spite of changes all round,
continues to live our own picturesque peasants life after that we had
lost control over the City's and the Harbors of the Sally Boy's. this
is since the day a man with a Redbeard dared to face my Saint
Gran'da'dy and claim up the Sacred Ring, that would have us (Remnants
of the Moors) all killed, if Gran'dady had not handed over The cursed
Ring of Power. The most sacred object given to man-hattans (Man of
Hassane), was not anymore in Moorish Hands. But the birth of the Pirate
Sun was now granted, to the old Pirate of the sacred Mountain between
"Veas" und "Zaali". While England became a Great World Power till this
date ... But what the English seem not to known is that is a curse that
will destroy the one who is in possession of the Holy Magic Ring... So
Charles III Von Windsore must restore the sacred Ring to the
legitimated Sun of Blackbeard... or face the Wrath of the Flying Dutch
speaking man Von Veas and Von Zaali with the Black Perl, the terrible
flying Sword ... The Blackspot...

The bouwery of Anthony Jansen van Salee is said by historians to be the
first landing place on the continent of North America of Hendrick
Hudson on September 3, 1609, when he anchored the Half-Moon (Crescent
Moon or the Sickle of the Green Knight) in what became Graves'end Bay.
On September 3, 1664, Richard Nicoll from his English ships of war,
also anchored in the same water, sent his demand to Stuyvesant for the
surrender of New Netherland. In August, 1776, Sir William Howe's fleet
anchored off the Gravesend-New Utrecht shore. Here he landed his
troops, and attacking Brooklyn from the eastern side, won the Battle of
Long Island.

Van Salee's name often appears in the records of the court of the
burgomasters and schepens of New Amsterdam (also called the
Manhattoes-Manhattans from the Moorish Word "Terminal", "Landing
place"... Sea"Terminal" of the Sally Navigators).

Eager to prove himself as a pirate leader and arrogantly confident of
his ability, Teach R mounted 40 guns aboard the newly-captured French
Perl "The Concorde" and renamed her the QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE - QAR. In  those
days pirates were wont to re-christen captured vessels with new
names often involving the word REVENGE - TAR. There was even one pirate

The Teach R Atoned Janse (Tjani) van Salee, and van Vaes (Von Faz) of
New Amsterdam and Long Island

Annica, or in Dutch Annetje, one of the daughters of Anthony Janse van
Salee, married Thomas Southard, who is sometimes called "Schondtwart"
and "Suddert" in New Amsterdam records. He brought suit against his
father-in-law before the magistrates of Gravesend, demanding the
fulfilment of what he claimed was a marriage settlement... (the Baraka
that ruled the world).

When Blackbeard finally left the hold and arrived topsides, he swore
vehemently, "Damn ye, " he exclaimed, "ye yellow ------ ----- ----- !!!
" Spatting on the deck and shaking his fist at them he snarled, "I'm a
better man than all ye milksops put together. " BLACKBEARD: The
Fiercest Pirate of All. Norman C. Pendered

Here and there gaunt ruins rise, vast crumbling walls of concrete which
have once been fortresses, lending an air of desolation to the scene,
but offering no attraction to historian or antiquary. No one even knows
their names, and they contain no monuments. If ever more solid remains
are encountered, they are invariably set down as the work of the Romans
or others as the Greeks, Portuguese, Spanish, French....

The Saints Light people story, an interesting history indeed, one
linked with yours in many curious ways, as is recorded in scores of
little-known volumes. It has a literature amazingly voluminous, but
there were days when the relations with other lands were much closer,
if less cordial, the days of the crusades and the Barbary pirates, the
days of European tribute to the Moors.

Than brochures in many tongues made in Europe of those days acquainted
with the horrors of that dreadful land. All these only served to
augment the fear in which its people were held, and to deter the
victimized nations from taking action which would speedily have put an
end to it all, by demonstrating the inherent weakness of the Moorish
Empire... the birth of a Promised Pirate Sun Von Black Hand.

A Moorish proverb says, "The firmament turns, and times are changing."

Right for those that did not understand this post... We the Von Saali
are the Real founding Fathers of the USA... and Manhattan belongs to My
Family, To the People Von Zaali(Sally and Von Veas (Fes)... there aint
no jews in the creation of the USA...BUT MOORISH SACRED BOYS.

The Sun of the Great Caliph of "Alcazar" (The Great Palace)... Hasan Al
Ksari reporting from the city of the real King Arthur... CamelotH As A
Warholian Cometary Catastrophe Predictor?

(6)  A map illustration showing New Amsterdam during the time of Dutch control,
around 1660.  On this map I have highlighted the location of Anthony Van Sallee's first
in town house.  He was later expelled from the town proper and moved to what is now
the New Utrecht neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Jim Wilkinson