To the left is my logo.  I first developed this back in
the 1970's while I was at Ball State University's
College of Architecture and Planning.  The current
iteration of the original logo was generated on
Photoshop using the text tools available.

I am old enough to have learned the crafts of
drawing and drafting with pencil and pen and
paintbrush.  I value that education all the more as
time passes and the world goes totally digital.  
There is something timeless about the eye hand
coordination required to make an image the
traditional way.  There came a point, though, where
the world around me DID go totally digital.  That
happened in 1995 for me when I took a job at a
West Coast architectural firm.  They had a policy
that nothing left that office that wasn't in digital
form.  I had just come from an East Coast office
that was more laid back.

My first foray into computer graphics came in 1987.  
The software was a drafting software named
"Skok".  It used a graphic pen and a tablet menu.  
Complicated and cumbersome.  Later on I was
retrained to use the industry standard, "AutoCad".  
I proved to be a slow and ponderous "Cad jockey"
and turned my attentions to 3d.  My first
experiences with 3d rendering came in 1997 with a
software named "Form Z".  Years later, after my
very focused time doing design work on Koc
University, I found the time and energy to train
myself with a software named "3D Max".  Later still
I taught myself "Bryce", now defunct, and "Poser".  
Parallel to this I learned the basics of "Photoshop".

Most of the images in this gallery were generated
with "3D Max" with pre and post manipulation in
IMAGE GALLERIES___________________________________
This is a collection of renderings of scenes that are
recognizably architectural.  Most of the architectural
content is my own fantasy.  Not related to any office
or project.  There are a few images taken from
studies done for Mozhan Khadem related to Koc
In the 1970's I did independent research looking at
a domed city set in far northern Canada.  I became
interested in a type of Megastructure vary.  In
general imagine a campus or even a city as one
coherently planned building.  These images are my
musings on the subject.
I am fascinated by the idea of a city under a dome.  
This is probably not feasible yet given current
technology.  It is an idea whose day may come
Much of my professional work has taken place in the
context of campuses.  Most of these have been
Medical Centers and University Campuses.  This
work has led me to have an interest in the broader
subject of Urban Planning.  I am currently studying
suburbia, traditional village layout and the concept
of "ecovillages".
Along the way I have had the chance to design an
assortment of "objects" for projects.  Many of the
designs I have conceived remain at the design
stage.  I enjoy returning to these sometimes and
playing with them.  Other times I play with totally
abstract object ideas.  These images are a sort of
thought process for me.
Geometry.  I have included a few images of my
explorations into the subject of "Sacred Geometry".  
This can include the geometries behind the Gothic
Cathedrals, Hindu mandalas, Alchemical diagrams
and much more.  It is a very deep and fascinating
I enjoy playing with the software to create
abstract geometries and  explore new textures
and processes  I learn a great deal from these
explorations that can be applied to my more