This page takes a moment to explain.  I have always been fascinated by the idea of a
city under a dome.  Maybe it goes back to reading Science Fiction stories as a
youngster.  I can remember sketching such things in grade school. Now in 1977 I
began to do a personal research project thinking about a domed city.  To give it
context I sited this imaginary city in the Canadian Arctic on the Leaf River at the shore
of Ungava Bay.  The above graphic came decades later and is the descendant of that
earlier thought game.  Do I think domed cities should be built?  No.  I could bore you
with a thousand reasons why they are not what you would want to do.  But still, in my
head, I am fascinated . . .
I am including a small selection of the sketches i did in 1977 thinking about my  
"Ungava Bay" domed city.  Many of these sketches were done in the break room of a
company called "Chayes Virginia" where I worked one summer.  Third shift, operating
CNC machines crafting precision parts for high end Dental Chairs.  The work was
repetitive and I had hours to think in my head about domed cities.  Then during break I
would sit and furiously sketch out the ideas that had been fermenting in my head
during the long hours . . .
Now jump forward 30 years.  In my free time during my tenure as Project Architect on
a mega project in Istanbul, Turkey I was teaching myself 3d computer modeling.  One
of the themes of the practice projects I used to explore the software was . . . you
guessed it, various iterations of domed city imaginings.
Jim Wilkinson