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In 2014 the company hosting my website changed names and I
lost access to the app you use to make updates.  2014 was
also the year my mom, Beverly K. Wilkinson was diagnosed
with Ovarian Cancer. Everything chaged then.  My life revolves
around taking care of her now.   Five years further on and she
is living in remission while receiving a "maintenance" chemo
treatment every three weeks.  I managed to get the right help
on the phone and have regained control of this website.  For
the last two weeks I have reworked all of the pages.  I have
some additional items I will be adding soon.  For now I just
want to get the darned site up and running correctly again.  
1999 Great Marmara Earthquake
I recently observed the twenty year anniversary of the Great Marmara Earthquake
(1999).  For about ten years after the quake I would wake up each night at precisely
3:02 am.  My brain wanted to check and make sure everything was OK.  In 1999 3:02
am included the longest 45 seconds of my life.  For no particular reason I am throwing
in some photos from the rescue efforts I helped with in a city named Golcuk, which
was near the epicenter.
In 1989 I traveled to the then Soviet Union and visited four cities (Moscow, Tblisi,
Lenningrad and Talinn) during the heady early days of the collapse of the  
government.  I have been setting down my memories of that trip and have just   
finished Part 1 - Moscow.
Jim Wilkinson