At different times I have been
an Architect, Artist, Gospel
Preacher, Student, Mentor and
Traveler of this World and
others.  Along the way I have
generated a lot of "stuff"
(buildings, photos, artwork, 3d
renderings, family histories,
experiences, etc) that I plan to
set out here.  Who knows,
some of this might even be
worth looking at.
August 17, 2009
Today is the 10 year anniversary of the 1999 Marmara Earthquake.  The
longest 45 seconds of my life.  I was sure I was going to die in that
moment.  I remember getting to the outside and seeing all the lights go off
at the same time along the Bosporus and having my cell phone ring.  It
was my dad telling me that CNN was breaking into regular programming
to say a devastating earthquake had hit Istanbul and that it was 7.6 on the
Richter Scale.  Weird moment, special moment.  A few photos from my
time in Golcuk, Turkey assisting in rescue work.  In all the official death
toll was 18,000 but rumors spoke of much higher numbers.  I will be
remembering all the friends who I shared those days with today . . .
Istanbul, Turkey!
Random photos I took in
Turkey between 1998 and
2006 while working there.
29 September, 2009
I have added an area directly under my picture and introduction
collection of 15,000 taken during my years in Istanbul, Turkey.  photo
was a no brainer,  Danny Castor was a key design input starting way
back in 1991 with the Soba Noodle Dialogs on napkins in Boston.  
Couldn't have done it without him, literally.  I need to get back in contact
with him, my bad.
. . . . . . . . .
Danny Castor at the construction
site during a visit in November,
1999.  The graphic additions were
done by his friend Maria back in
Boston later on.
happiness and satisfaction with Matt
over dinner in Taksim, 1999.
A picture is worth a thousand
words.  An inside joke.
The construction site was under
tight security for a number of
reasons.  This was the front gate
house where you had to stop and
be permitted to go on site.  And
yes, they were armed at all times.
Koc University's first Spring Fest
at the new campus, 2000.  This I
believe is Sertab, though I could
be wrong.  That was an amazing
OK, I know, it has been a long time since I posted anything new
here.  I have a number of additions that have been sitting and
waiting to be uploaded.  In the Genealogy section I will be adding
data for the Pfenninger Family, connected to the Wilkinson
information through James  Wilkinson (1865 - 1941) and his first
wife, Luella Adams.

The following are a series of studies using 3Ds Max, a computer
modeling program I use, to look at comparative urban scales.  I
have been posting the completed video studies on Youtube.

I have just figured out that I can also post them here:
2002, standing at the
Bosporus in Sariyer, the
district I lived in .
The next video is an imaginative reconstruction of the ancient
city of Miletus as it might have appeared in the second century
My most recent video is an imaginative reconstruction of the
small Roman Colony of Cosa as it might have appeared in the
Second Century BC.
I have just uploaded eight pages of
information on the Pfenninger Family.  
Click on the Maxwell car to the right to
jump to the first page of that section or
click on the follow the links to the
Pfenninger section.
My grandfather was Herman T. Wilkinson, the kid brother of the
"Pfenninger boys".  I am really happy to be able to post this new
information.  Back in 1967 my grandpa and the Pfenninger boys
worked on a Genealogy project together to document the

descendants of Joel T. Wilkinson.  That information is in the
Wilkinson DATA section.  And here it is 46 years later and the
story goes on  . . . .
crews, posing for the
I have just added scans of an article that was
recently in the New Castle, Indiana Courier
Times telling the story of
Frank Pfenninger
finally receiving his High School Diploma .
You can look at the scans by clicking on them
to enlarger over at the page:
Matt Wilkinson, my nephew
on his first day of classes at
the Chicago Institute of Art,
a selfie . . . August 2013
James M. Wilkinson